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Here we will bring you the very best range in MDF, Softwood and Hardwood architraves and skirting boards and architrave to complete your mouldings as required on your home development, interior design, or building project.

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What is Architrave?

While there are many definitions for Architrave the most common is that it is a molding. Now this is not just any molding. It is the molding that surrounds a door frame or any other rectangular opening. There are different types of this molding. In different eras and in different parts of the world they were called different things and had very different looks to them. The looks really kept with the culture whether it was Greek or Italian for instance.

Now Architrave is more widely known as just plain molding around doors. However, the molding that goes around doors doesn’t just have to be a plain white board. There are lots of options when it comes to the Architrave that you decide to use at your home or in another office building that you own. Some of the choices that you have include the type of material that you want to install and the type of profile you would like the boards to have. You can also decide what you want the finish of the board to be when the project is all complete.

When you are choosing the material you think you would like to use, keep in mind the other types of finishing pieces you already have in place in your room and the rest of your home or office building. You want to make sure that the material you choose compliments the existing finishing pieces that you have. This means that if you use wood finishing pieces your door molding should also be a wood material and it should probably be the same wood material that you use elsewhere. You don’t want to use pine on your door frame if you oak around your windows or on your skirting boards.

Speaking of your skirting boards, pay attention to the profile type you have. You can find profiles for your door molding that are similar to the profile type you chose for your skirting boards when you had them installed. You may not be able to find the exact same profile, but if you look around you can find something that will at least compliment what you already have and won’t detract from it.

Lastly you need to consider the finish type that you will use. If you decide to go with wood as your material then you might just want to use a natural wood finish on your boards. However you could also choose to paint the molding. While most people will paint molding around their doors a sensible white color, you can choose any color you would like. Another option is to use a clear varnish on your molding. If you decide to go with a clear varnish though, make sure you have top quality wood boards.

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